Mandy 2009-2018

Mandy contacted me about a shoot in the autumn of 2009 . We trooped out to a studio in Polmont. We have then worked together for 9 years

Mandy and I have had some laughs in that time. Doing shoots at dawn which meant me leaving the house at 5 in the morning to get to Edinburgh and its raining. Day was made though by watching a lassie walk into a pole. Later that day doing a shoot with strippers who took a dislike to her. Mandy is beautful and it has been great to see her so happy with a new baby

About Artpunk

I'm a photographer based in Glasgow, Scotland since 2005. Ive been published around the world and I mostly work at the Buff Club, Glasgow and at a studio in Polmont. Over the years ive been working on a project call the Muses and a number of side projects. If you wish to book me for a photoshoot you can contact me at .

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